Shona’S Style

At the age, Where we all sick out for Social media for enjoyment,Shonali used this as a weapon.

At the age of 16 while doing her school studies, She founded Shona’s Style. This wasn’t a planned as a carrier untill she met Mohit.

He is a complete package of what she wanted ever.

They got married in feb 2020, and now This tiny lil store based in New Delhi run by this Couple.She gave all the responsibilities to him, and now he is the real hardworker behind this.

Giving their days and night to bring out that happiness whenever you open your box of happiness from Shona’s Style Our main goal is to provide you High quality Jewellery to all without drilling a whole in one’s pocket This couple is so grateful that they get up a randomly started Instagram page to a successful legal business on an E-Commerce platform! And all the credit goes to the support we received from your all.

That’s not all,we look forward to a bright future ahead.

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